Andrei Serghiuta

Kraft 3D Product Renders

This is a project which started in 2015 as part of a marketing campaign for Kraft Canada. It features a couple of product renders of the Kraft peanut butter jar and the Philadelphia cream cheese container.

The initial project was done for DDB Canada, and they supplied the two photos for product integration. I added the 3D product renders of the peanut butter jar and the Philadelphia cheese container.

Afterwards, I decided to expand the scene for my personal portfolio, focusing on the two 3D assets. The images are almost completely created in 3D, using Maya, and rendered with Redshift. I tried to reproduce the look of food and product photography, trying to stay within the look and feel of the initial shots from the client.

I had to create almost all the 3D assets from scratch, the only exception being the plate of cookies, which was a TurboSquid item. For the bread I used photogrammetry with 123D Catch to get the basic mesh. The final model was then rebuilt in Mudbox, along with the textures. The cream cheese was sculpted entirely in Mudbox as well. Taking good reference photos of all the items was instrumental to the process. The final look of these items is highly dependent on good textures, good displacement, and the SubSurfaceScattering material.

Please feel free to leave comments, and criticism is very welcome.