Andrei Serghiuta

Digitizing products for AR and VR at Shopify

For the past couple of years I helped the good folks at Shopify with their 3D model platform. We put together the basis for their 3D model support, and did some experimentation with ways in which AR and VR can be used to enhance the shopping experience. It was a […]

Writing a tutorial for 3DWorld Magazine

When my Mushroom scene got posted on 3DTotal last summer, I was soon thereafter contacted by 3DWorld Magazine to write a tutorial about it. Since I had already gathered all my notes and images for the effectsMTL 2015 presentation earlier in the year, I thought this would be a breeze. Boy, […]

MentalRay vs Vray in Maya 2016

Over the past few months I have been playing around with Vray for Maya, and also with adapting the material design method popularized by Grant Warwick to a Maya workflow. So far, my experience with Vray has been mostly very good, and I find it significantly better than the mental […]

My Presentation at effectsMTL 2015

Last month I had the great honour of being invited to present my “Ten Essential Steps of 3D Animated Scenes” to the effectsMTL audience. Here you can find the animated 3D scene that I used as an example. I had a blast there, and that gave me the opportunity to […]

The End of the Schoolyear

I have been teaching as a part-time Professor in the Animation Program at Algonquin College for the past six years. However, this year has been a rather special one, in many ways. The most notable achievement was the fact that all of our students were employed even before the Grad […]

A Day in Havana Through Pictures

Last month I was on vacation in Cuba with my family, and had the chance to finally take a tour to Havana. The city is indeed absolutely charming. From the canons sticking out of the pavement, to the cute balconies, the chipped paint, the worn old stone cathedrals, the numerous […]

Model Photoshoot

Over the summer I had the pleasure to run a couple of fun photoshoots with the lovely Christine Ford and Ella (Rose) Modella. They were wonderful to work with, but many thanks also go to my wife (Bombshell Hair Design) for the gorgeous hair and makeup. On this shoot I […]

Mental Ray Satellite Slave Timeout Fix

I have recently managed to figure out a problem that has been bothering me for ages. Every once in a while, my mental ray renders would crash with a slave time out error when an image is distributed across my network using satellite. The problem turned out to be a […]

Maya Render Farm

This past weekend I finally got my new computer parts together, and built my first render farm. Although it is small at the moment (only two additional nodes aside from my workstation), it certainly does make a big difference. I’ll add more nodes in the future, but I’ll probably be […]

AppliedArts Mag Interactive Awards 2010

If you pick up a copy of the current issue of AppliedArts Magazine, you may notice my name in connection with three projects being showcased for the Interactive Awards this year. First off, my good friend at Proximity Canada, Ari Elkouby, was one of the judges this year, and being […]

GayLea Bakeshop Site Launch

I recently had the pleasure to work with Commix on a website for GayLea. It went live recently, and you can check it out here. I was in charge of the bakeshop renders, outdoor and interior, as well as the gift box render and animation, all done in 3D.

ADAPT 2008

I am now back from ADAPT2008, with some very good impressions. The conference went rather well, apart from a few glitches here and there. The presentations that I saw were quite inspirational, and it was great to see some of the best artists in the field talk about their work […]