Andrei Serghiuta

A Day in Havana Through Pictures

Last month I was on vacation in Cuba with my family, and had the chance to finally take a tour to Havana. The city is indeed absolutely charming.

From the canons sticking out of the pavement, to the cute balconies, the chipped paint, the worn old stone cathedrals, the numerous arches, the lively sound of the music bands, the classic cars, the friendly people, and the sunny weather, everything combines together together to produce a unique blend of charm and romance within an old-world setting. It draws you in and captures your imagination.

I took a number of photos, and here is a small taste of La Habana.

Ono this particular trip I used my Nikon D700 along with the Nikon 35mm f1.4 ai-s and the 85mm f1.8 G AF-S. The combo proved to be quite effective, although I am still torn between this and the 24mm + 50mm combo.

The 35mm saw the most use, and there were times when I wished I had the 24mm instead. However, the limitations were imposed more by the format of the guided trip than anything else. I had to take most of these shots very quickly, to make sure I didn’t get lost from the group. It would have been difficult to stray too far from it without risking losing them in the throng of tourists that filled the streets.


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