Andrei Serghiuta

AppliedArts Mag Interactive Awards 2010

If you pick up a copy of the current issue of AppliedArts Magazine, you may notice my name in connection with three projects being showcased for the Interactive Awards this year.

First off, my good friend at Proximity Canada, Ari Elkouby, was one of the judges this year, and being a really creative guy, he decided to make his appearance truly special. Check out this website, and the AR piece on which I collaborated with Proximity and Commix. Please note that you’ll need a copy of the current issue of AppliedArts in order to see the interactive piece.

I was also quoted on the AppliedArts Mag Blog regarding this project.

In addition to my work on the AR piece above, two of the projects that I worked on last year were winners in the Interactive Awards. You can see them being showcased online as well:

The first is the Facebook Gillette Blade Change Challenge game.

The second is the Pedigree Adoption Drive, for which I rendered most of the icons used on the interactive Breed Selector part of the website.

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