Andrei Serghiuta



Andrei Serghiuta
283 Parkin Circle,
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
K1T 4G8


For general inquiries and quotes, please email me at:


Comments (3)

  1. faraj

    I am working on an incubator company for business development and self-development
    I have finished the logo design and visual identity
    I want you to make a offer to design a character inspired by the logo, identity and origami style to be an Arab look

  2. Jay Toasese

    I would like some more information about your services which interest my company. Please call me at 006783334007 to discuss them further.

  3. Mya Jacob

    I came across your web page, I like your inspiration as an artist. Could you email some recent work on sale for me to look through? Cheers.