Andrei Serghiuta

Laser Envy and Fuel Projects

This was my first online game, and it was the first real project that I was directly involved with after starting to work for Fuel Industries. It is definitely the one I enjoyed the most.
It won both the Best Game and Technical Excellence awards at the 2005 Flash in the Can.

I was responsible for almost all of the in-game 3D artwork (aside from Geebo’s model), including all the shading, lighting, and rendering. I also worked on some of the character animations.

You can find more details about it here here.
You can still Play the Game here.

Other Fuel Games

These are a few of the many other Fuel projects that I worked on.

Swypeout Battle RacingSpinmaster Toys, 2007 – 3D Lead
Deadwood: Dead Man’s HandHBO, 2006 – 3D Lead
OhHenry SnowboardingHERSHEY CANADA, PHD, 2006 – 3D Lead, Art Direction
FedEx Tee-OffFedEx, 2005
Switch WakeboardingShockwave, 2004

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